Friday, November 21, 2014

IBPMS: Updated Vendors Positioning

Few days ago I published a post titled: BPM - Agility is a Must. In that post I explained why Agility is important in BPM Programs and Projects. I quoted two analysts firms: Aberdeen Group (ten years ago) and Forrester Research (2013).

I did not quote the largest analysts firm: Gartner. I did not quote Gartner, not because their analysts' opinion is different. The reason was no quickly available source to quote.

Today I read Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites dated 17 March 2014. This Research Note was written by: Teresa Jones, Roy Schulte and Michelle Cantara. 

Now I have an handy quote supporting my opinion: "IBPMS addresses the increasing need for Business managers to react quickly to event that impact their business and to gain better insights into business operations so that they can take the right corrective actions. Business change is inevitable, and leading organizations will require the ability to dynamically make changes to business processes to maintain competitive advantage."

IBPMS Vendors Positioning
It is interesting to compare the new Magic Quadrant to the 2012 Quadrant, I discussed in a post: BPMS Next Generation: IBPMS.

No vendor was added to the Leaders Quadrant so there are still only three Leaders: Pegasystems, Apian and IBM.

All vendors in the Visionary quadrant remained in the quadrant. However, the Ability to Execute of most vendors improved. No new vendor was added to this Quadrant. 

The Challengers Quadrant remained empty, as it was two years ago.

Two vendors were added to the Niche Quadrant and Cordys was removed.

I already read a Case Study of Newgen Software Technologies, but I new nothing about Kofax.

Newgen Software Technologies is a Document Processes company evolved recently to IBPMS.

Kofax is a Microsoft centric vendor. It acquired Singularity in 2011 (now I know something about Kofax because Singularity is a company I read about). Their Total Agility IBPMS suite based on two other acquisitions, in addition to Singularity: Altosoft a Business Intelligence vendor and Kapow Software. Kapow is an Automatic Information integration company, especially Web Information. Its product capabilities also include Legacy Information Integration. Legacy Integration is Kofax and Singualrity weakness.

The Buttom Line
Do not extrapulate the minimal changes in IBPMS Vendors Positioning. The market is still immature. Expect changes in vendors positioning in Mid Term future.


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