Saturday, February 1, 2014

SaaS is Mainstream

Four years ago I wrote a post titled: SaaS is Going Mainstream. It was based upon Burton Group (now part of Gartner)'s SaaS survey.
Three years later I wrote a post titled: ERP as a SaaS Maturity Indicator and a post titled: Fall is a Season not the future of SaaS. The last post cited, was my answer to an article titled: The Rise of Big Data and The Fall of SaaS.
My opinion as well as the data, I based my opinion upon, supported the idea that SaaS market is growing and it is Going to be Mainstream.

The Time is Changing, SaaS is no longer Going Mainstream: It is Mainstream.

Read the following IBM study titled: While Many Companies Try SaaS for Cost Savings, Top Performers Discover Competitive Advantage...

Nearly half of IBM's survey participants are alreasy using SaaS.
Global spending on SaaS is expected to reach 45.4 Billion USDs by 2017. IBM's paper includes an interesting Industry Analyst's estimate that by 2017, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) will spend on SaaS more than CIOs

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