Friday, March 23, 2012

STKI Summit 2012

On March 19th I participated in STKI Summit.
participating in this Israeli Market analysis conference is  an habit. I aprticpated in 2011, 2010 and 2008. My consist particiaption indicates that, at  least in my opinion, it is a valuable event. 
This year theme was IT Revolution Consumer Power.
The Consumer centirc IT revolution is not totally new, it was discussed in previous year Summit Presentations, as one of the driving forces.

I am attaching links to the presentations:

Jimmy Schwarzkopf - IT Market in Israel 2012
Pini  Cohen - Trends in Infrastructure: Paradigm Shift

Shahar Geiger Maor - Networking Trends, EndPoints Trends

Einat Shimoni - Trends in Enterprise Applications, Web & Analytics

I did not find a link to the new analyst and Research Assistant Liza Bodogin's presentation on ECM, Talent Training and Social Applications. Probably it is included in Einat Shimoni's presentation.

  My Take

Expect Recession in the Israeli market in 2012 
I agree with Jimmy Schwarzkopf's coclusion. This conclusion is applicable to the Global market and the Israeli market is part of it. However, Jimmy's Recession Indicator is interesting: every year (including 2012) in which the Public sector market is greater than the Banking sector market is a Recession year in Israel.

The Consumer Revolution is an interesting trend 
I would add to what was presented the concept of Personal Cloud used by Gartner and others. 
Few years ago I had to carry a Mobile Computer for my presentations. Afterwards I carried Disk Onkey. Now I am sending the presentation to myself in gmail and upload it.

Apple is going to lead nendors pack?
I disagree with Forrester's George
Colony cited by Jimmy, as far as Long Term prediction. See my posts:

Very limited Cloud Computing and SaaS market in Israel
This evidence was discussed by Pini Cohen (Infrastructure) and Einat Shimoni (Applications).
It is a pitty that Israeli Enterprises especially SMBs are not using SaaS and other Public Cloud Services more than they do. Some of the benefits were discussed in my posts ERP as SaaS Maturity indicatorSaaS is going MainstreamFuture applications: SaaS or traditional?

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