Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thoughts on smilarity to Iran

I am an Israeli. I am an Information Technology professional not a Politician.

Mrs. Hillary Clinton USA Secretary of State  was recently quoted saying Israel is becoming more similar to Iran.

As far as I understand the three foundations of the current Iranian regime are:
1. Censorship of what people do, say and wear
2. No free and independent Legal System
3. No free and independent Media (TV, Radio, newspapers etc.)

Unfortunately, I agree with Mrs. Clinton.
Groups of extreme Orthodox religious people (Not all Orthodox religious people), are trying to bring us ten or fifteen hundred years back, as far as what we are doing or wearing (The first Iranian regime foundation).

Israeli Parliament members (not all of them) are trying to limit the Israeli Court and the Israeli Media and to reduce their independence on the political system.
They are trying to impose these limitations by new laws. Most of these laws were not improved yet by the parliament. (The second and third Iranian regime foundations) 

I do not know how many years back these Israeli parliament members would like to take us back.
I guess that the 1950es is a good guess, because one of them was quoted saying that he agrees with Senator Joe McCarthy's opinions.

I recently read about the American Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) Law which was not yet approved by the American House of Representatives. 
SOPA is actually Internet Censorship (The first Iranian Foundation).

After reading on SOPA I have a simple question to ask Mrs. Clinton:
Is Israel the only country which is becoming more similar to Iran?

Disclaimer: I am a blogger and I also write articles in the Hebrew Wikipedia. Blogging Services and Wikipedia Services are free unpaid services, which may be replaced by electronic or non-electronic paid services if and when SOPA will be approved.

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