Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Will Microsoft survive until 2021? - Revisited again

In all Vendors Survival posts (e.g. Google, Apple, HP) I argued that no company will surely survive for a decade. People may think that I am wrong as far as a giant market leaders are concerned. However, I recently read two interesting articles about  a leading Virtual World company almost vanishing 5 years after its peak. The article is titled: Why Second Life failed?  

The second article is more surprising: it is about a giant company included in my Vendor Survival posts,  as well as in other posts. The company is: Microsoft.

On June 8th I wrote the post: Will Microsoft Survive until 2021? which discuss the possibility that Microsoft will not survive until 2021.
Less than a month prior to this post I wrote a post titled: Microsoft's Skype acquisition: Warning Signs ahead. The title depict my message: probably, Skype acquisition will not solve Microsoft's Mobile market challenges. 

The Business Insider's article titled: Steve Ballmer's Nightmare: How Microsoft's Business Actually Could Collapse presents extremer scenario than my Vendor's Survival post scenario. 
According to this scenario Microsoft's business could collapse soon. According to the article "many people in Silicon Valley are convinced that Microsoft is going to collapse Soon. Like in the next few years". 

This interesting article describes Microsoft's major challenges and also describes Microsoft's Billion USDs or more businesses. Yes, you guessed correctly the two major businesses are still Office and Windows

I recommend reading the interesting analysis presented in the article.

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