Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hyped Cloud Technologies

What are the most Hyped Cloud Technologies? This was the question asked in a survey of ReadWrite Cloud readers. 

As no details about the sample characteristics are disclosed the results couls be misleading.
The results could be biased due to some of the following factors:

1. the number of people surveyed is unknown and could be too small for supporting any conclusion.

2. The sample could be biased. Do not forget that the site is sponsored by Intel and VMware and therefore you may find relatively more customers of these companies.

3. No sample characteristics were defined, so the people answering the survey questions voluntarily may not represent the whole population.

The Results
The most hyped Cloud technologies were in decending order:
2. Software as a Service (SaaS)
3. Private Clouds
4-5. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
4-5. Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Least Hyped technologies were Infrastructure Apps and API and Data as a Service.

According to ReadWrite, the findings about NOSQL, Private Clouds and Platform as a Service, were as expected and the surprising findings are the relatively high hype rating of SaaS and Infrastructure as a Service.  

My Take
I do not know if it is possible to conclude anything from the survey's findings, due to possible biases and possible small smaple size mentioned in previous section.

Even if it is possible, nobody should confuse between hyped technology and technology which is not yet matured. 

I am sure that Software as a Service is a mature technology (read for example a previous post: SaaS is Going Mainstream). SalesForce.com technologies and Google Apps are not the only successful SaaS technologies. However, advertising products which has nothing to do with a new technology or concept, as if it is an implenebtation of successful new trends and concepts occurs frequenty.  

This  phenomenon generates a lot of hype. 
It takes time until the technology is implemented in most enterprises and/or consumers and then hyping is more difficult.

I remember similar hyping pattern related to other concepts such as SOA and Object Oriented
Instead of a lot of hype about SOA three years ago you can find now a lot of enterprises and service providers looking for SOA Architects. 

NOSQL is newer concept than SaaS, therefore rating it as one of the most hyped Cloud Technologies is natural.

Never the less, there are NOSQL success stories.
 I recently read how Wix found that the best way to implement NOSQL dor their product was implementing a single large MYSQL table. This interesting Case Study demonstrates both NOSQL immaturity and ease of Hyping (by others not by Wix).

Private Cloud Technology is a different story.
There are still arguments if it is a technology at all or just another incarnation of Utility Computing or hyping of Public Clouds success.

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