Wednesday, January 5, 2011

SOA in 2011

My prediction as posted in ebizQ SOA Forum:

The most promising area in SOA developments in 2011 could be Services for Social Networks.

I would expect SOA related key developments in Business Process Management (BPM), Business Intelligence (BI) and Case Management.

I doubt if we will see key developments in SOA related to Cloud Computing in 2011. As far as Cloud Computing is concerned, we may see Service Oriented Infrastructure (SOI) related developments, which will also be related to Virtualization.

Read also other opinions in ebizQ SOA Forum and Zapthink's prediction.

Unfortunately, failure rates of IT projects are high, and more unfortunately SOA endevours failures rates are even higher.
will 2011 be the year in which SOA endevours rates fall gradually? I am not sure it will.

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