Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oracle's BEA acquisition SOA perspective – Revisited again

It is a presentation on SOA products strategy as well as to other related products strategy.
The approach is to define mix of BEA and Oracle products as strategic components composing Oracle's SOA platform.

The leading brand name is Oracle Fusion., however in some areas Oracle offerings include two competing products: Oracle's and BEA's. In other cases one of product is a preferred solution.
The most relevant slide is presented above. This slide presents a SOA suit.

In my opinion, although quantitatively more Oracle components are included, the most significant elements are BEA's products. The ESB is BEA's Aqua Logic and Complex Events handling is based upon BEA's product.

It should be noted that not all SOA infrastructure products are included in this slide. The missing parts include Repository and Registry, SOA Governance tools, Data Integration and Application Server and Portal.
According to my understanding of the keynote presentation slides, the directions are:
  • BPM suite is based upon Aqualogic BPM suit for Design and Execution. BPEL, BAM and Business Rules are based on Oracle's product.
  • Application Server suite is labeled Oracle WebLogic Suite. No doubt that BEA's WebLogic Application Server is the strategic solution although oracle Application Server is included in the suite.

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