Thursday, December 24, 2009

SOA in 2009

Seasonal Greetings to all of you.
It is time to summarize 2009. As far is SOA is concerned, the most important developments in 2009 are:

1.  "SOA is dead Long Live Services" a post in Anne Thomas Mannes's blog.

Anne Thomas Mannes is a Burton Group Vice President and Research Director majored in SOA.
This post his blog post is important because it brought forward the mistakes in many SOA implementations and the misuse of the three letters S O A.
It also catalyzed many responses of leading expert disagreeing with her opinions. 
Most of the experts participated in ebizQ SOA forum agreed with me that "SOA is Dead" was important. You can read all the answers submitted to the question:  What Developments in SOA Are You Most Thankful For This Year?

2.    SOA is becomes the dominant paradigm
SOA is real. The term Services is used very often. Most surveys show that at least 50% of the organizations are already implementing SOA.
Most of the other enterprises are planning to start a SOA initiative in the next year.
Do not forget that SOA is a long journey. Only few organizations are close to completing the journey (e.g., British Telecom) and those are Early Adopters, who started implementing SOA many years ago.

3.    Cloud Computing is extending SOA beyond the enterprise boundaries to the Virtual Enterprise.
Cloud Computing is extending Infrastructure Services, by IaaS usage, but mostly  Application Services or Business Services by SaaS usage.   For more details read another post SaaS is going Mainstream.

4.    BPM
BPM is maturing and evolving. The Best Practice is convergence of SOA and BPM, i.e. tightly coupled SOA and BPM initiatives and combined Excellence Center for both of them

5.    Event Driven Architecture (EDA)
From 2003 my SOA presentations emphasized EDA's role as an architecture completing SOA.  I was not the only one. For example, Gartner's analysts preceded me and Oracle's experts talked about SOA 2.0. SOA 2.0 is actually SOA completed by Events driven architecture.

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David Gruzman said...

I think cloud is a promoter of the SOA. Let see some facts supporting this idea.
In one hand cloud platforms revoke the capability to relay on big irons.
In the same time google app engine do not allow common data for the two applications - so service is the only way for the application collaboration. No more one big database and several applications operating on the same data.

From the facts above we can conclude that cloud platform are aggressively promoting the SOA.

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